Meetjesland… experience it!

Meetjesland… the touristic, East-Flemish region between the arts cities Bruges and Gent — bordering Zeeland Flanders and the Bruges Woodland — borders the Netherlands and West-Flanders.

Nearby Klein Burkelhof, you will find the vast forests the Burkel forest, the Drongengoed forest and the Lippensgoed- Bulskamp field. To the north, you will find the unique Creeks region and the Dam Polders, which extend to the sea. This makes Meetjesland an outstandingcycling and walking paradise: flat, forest, cornfields and meadows, trails and many winding country roads, long rows of rustling poplars and gnarly willows.

We are located at the bicycle junctions of Meetjesland, the Bruges Woodland and the network of Zeeland Flanders. It is cycling distance from Bruges, Damme, Sluis, and Knokke and Cadzand on the coast.

Slow down, rest, enjoyment, relaxation, pampering… You can experience it all in Meetjesland!


Maldegem in Meetjesland is a rural and the most northwestern community of East-Flanders. In Maldegem and its boroughs Adegem, Kleit, Donk and Middelburg, the attractions are rural peace and beauty. Maldegem has many hidden treasures, such as nice gardens, small cosy museums, delicatessens, and incredibly tasty regional dishes. Marvel and pleasure are guaranteed in Maldegem. Want to bet that you will come back?